Cinemas Ireland

  • Easily find the Cinema you want

    Narrow it down by county, search by name, or just see those closest to you — you can even see the whole lot on a map.

  • Save and share Cinemas

    Save cinemas to your Favorites, add it to your Address Book, call it, check it out on a map, email or text it to friends.

  • Four days of listings

    View listings up to 4 days in advance. Updates on the fly, so you’re always getting the latest information.

  • Detailed Film information

    Includes rating, genre, length, release date, and a brief synopsis. If that’s not enough, you can open the film’s IMDb page right in the app (or launch the IMDb app if it’s installed).

  • Share with friends

    Share cinemas, listings and films by email, text and Twitter. You can even set reminders for specific showtimes, so you’ll (almost) never be late!

  • IFCO Ratings Guide

    If you’re taking the kids along you’ll know exactly what’s appropriate.